Weekly Synapses 2/23/2018

Weekly Synapses

February 23, 2018

Hey Friends,
This is your weekly collection of synapses- a list of everything I’m into or pondering for the week, released every Friday to start you off for the weekend.

What I’m Watching-
“Gifted”, this cerebral drama starring Chris Evans grapples with the ethical issue of what to do with kids who possess extraordinary talents. We all have a distinct responsibility to protect our children, but for those who have unique and gifted abilities, do they have a greater purpose and how far do we push that brilliance. Be prepared for some emotionally heartfelt dialogue and acting. 

What I’m Reading-
The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. This is the second time  I’m reading this book, especially since my current endeavors call for a refreshing of my time management skills. The book is great for anyone who is a self starter and would be entrepreneur. The book might initially seem to be a clone of the self help variety, but form personal experience and other people that I know have put its practices to good use, it is more effectively a primer to better take control of your life and redefine how you spend your working hours. 

What I’m Making-
Active projects are currently on hold as I’m trying to organize my workshop areas. I’m in the process of making a few small cabinets and currently drawing up plans to turn a 1920’s bed frame into a bench for a client.

What I’m Listening to-
I am extremely partial to movie soundtracks. I have a pretty good collection of all types, but this week, I have the “Oceans 11” soundtrack spinning encouraging my ears and my pocketbook to go on a quick Vegas run with the boys.

Quote for the week-
As I’ve spent the week trying to improve my efficiency at completing tasks, it seems fitting that this week’s quote would reflect this mentality, “A Lack of Time is Actually a Lack of Priorities” – Tim Ferriss

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