Weekly Synapses 2/18/2018

Weekly Synapses

Hey Friends,
This is your weekly collection of synapses- a list of everything I’m into or pondering for the week, released every Friday to start you off for the weekend.

What I’m Watching-
“Myths and Monsters” on Netflix, this British based show is a pretty good deep dive into mythology using Joseph Campbell’s seminal work “Hero of a Thousand Faces” as its foundation for exploring many of the myths. The show is fairly engaging with the help of storyboard animatics and some cleverly animated classical paintings.

What I’m Reading-
Mississippi Blood by Greg Iles. The book is the last of a trilogy that chronicles the exploits of former District Attorney Penn Cage and his family. The fictional book is deeply rooted in the real life racial and cultural troubles of the South and serves to remind us that the sins of the past are not readily forgotten. Greg Iles is a master of his craft and is currently my favorite author, I cannot recommend his work enough.

What I’m Making-
My son and I are currently working on a can crusher project of his design. Once the video is released, we will be announcing a giveaway/drawing for those who also make and invent a can crusher prototype of their own. Follow our YouTube Channel GeekBuilders for more details.

What I’m Listening to-
My current gaming obsession has been the space exploration game No Man’s Sky, and its soundtrack by 65day of Static has been playing on loop since I started playing. The music is an eclectic mix of haunting melodies and high pitched strings- which all emphasize the lonely exploration of a traveller moving among the stars.

Quote for the week-
“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are built for.” – John A Shedd

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